Lateral Cephalometric Radiographs

A highly advanced scanner that is used by the Orthodontist and specialists to take 2-D images. This allows sophisticated and highly accurate images to be taken of your jaw and bone structure providing the most thorough diagnostic information possible and ensuring you get the very best treatment.


An OPG gives your dentists a panoramic view of your mouth. This allows much more detailed analysis of your teeth, jaws, sinus and joint health and provides valuable information to your clinician.

Low Radiation Digital X-ray

Portman Healthcare uses low radiation digital x-ray equipment to instantaneously send images of your teeth to your clinician’s computer allowing the immediate diagnosis of any issues that are embedded below the surface. The system also reduces x-ray radiation by up to 90% over conventional x-ray equipment.

Cone Beam Tomography (CBT-SCAN)

CBT Scans are the most advanced imaging technique available today for the 3 Dimensional evaluation of the teeth and jaws. Achieving the same level of imaging ability of the conventional medical CT Scans, they provide the dentist with exceptionally accurate and detailed information for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes. These scans are used extensively in our clinics for implant treatment planning and ensure the safest and most accurate results.

Computer Guided Surgery

Placing implants into the jaw is now a common procedure to replace missing teeth. Methods have been developed using CBT-scan technology to produce surgical guides from the scan to place implants without the need for conventional surgery. This method, where applicable, makes surgery more accurate, less intrusive and decreases post operative discomfort.

Intra-oral Imaging

Our state of the art cameras allows your dentist to show you exactly what they are seeing inside your mouth. This helps our clinicians explain the problem when treatment is required.

Dental Microscope

Our specialists have access to powerful microscopes allowing them to examine, diagnose and treat endodontic, periodontic, and general & restorative procedures with much higher degrees of accuracy.

Washer Disinfectors and Vacuum Autoclaves

Autoclaving of instruments is the last stage in a lengthy process to ensure complete sterility. The most advanced type of autoclave used in dental surgeries are vacuum Class B autoclaves which are able to achieve complete sterility of all instrument types. Every instrument is logged regarding its initial disinfection in the washer disinfector machines through to the end of the vacuum cycle to ensure complete peace of mind for our patients.